Antoinewithharvester Fostering international wine synergy, Vinitech , is the premiere wine production trade show.  Bringing together wine makers, and growers from all over the world, the annual event, held in Bordeaux, France, gives attendees the opportunity to share the mutual passion of wine making, learn of cutting-edge techniques, and compare notes and knowledge.

Now in its' 35th year, Vinitech , brings many different wine regions and sectors together under one roof.  We were pleased and excited to share Mazzocco Zinfandel with Bordeaux, France and the world.


Rich with history and a center of wine and food, Bordeaux, France provides a wealth of opportunities for wine and culinary exploration.  We were pleased to sample the local wine and food culture, further international wine relations, and spread our passion for Mazzocco Zinfandels.


American winemakers in Bordeaux hosted by Vinitech.


With individuals of many different backgrounds and nationalities coming together, the trade show and the travels through Bordeaux again proved that the shared experience of wine and food is a universal language.


(left) VP of Wines & Vines Jacques Brix along with winemaker Antoine Favero & Monty Freeman of Mazzocco in front of Chateau Siaurac, Pomerol (right) Aline Guichard, proprietor of Chateau Siaurac, along with winemaker Antoine Favero inside the Chateau's tasting room


(left) Chateau Palmer in Margaux, France.  (right) Winemaker Thomas Duroux of Chateau Palmer discussing winemaking with winemaker Antoine Favero.


(left) Chef Olivier Gibault prepares our exquisite six-course dinner at Chateau Palmer.  (right) Creme brûlée & blanc-manger at Chateau Palmer


(left) Chateau Kirwan near Bordeaux.  (right) Master sommelier Florence Joliff and winemaker Antoine Favero at Chateau Kirwan.


Winemaker Antoine Favero along with Comptoir Cuisine's sommelier Nicolas Lacost enjoying Bordeaux wines.


Comptoir Cuisine restaurant in Bordeaux, France


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